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Why Video Should Be Part of Your Marketing Mix

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With video continuing to explode in popularity, content marketing is experiencing a golden era of more creative, well-crafted messages that hit the mark.

Content savvy customers expect to consume more sophisticated content: they want quality messages that will connect them with the brand’s identity and make them feel a part of it, rather than receiving the same clear cut sales pitch over and over again.

The not-so-secret ingredient to this well-balanced marketing strategy is the video, which has the ability to trigger emotions that create brand awareness and user engagement.

But despite this fact, many brands still shy away from implementing video as part of their comprehensive marketing strategy, as some perceive it to be expensive, while others don’t recognize its value in the customer experience.

Producing a video is  actually easier than ever, while its potential continues to skyrocket.

Seeing is believing

The mobile app world is an extremely competitive environment, with new apps, such as Promo by Slidely which allows businesses to create creative videos without breaking the bank, coming out almost every day. Using video content, you can set yourself apart from the competitors and break through the noise to reach out to customers.

Video content is essentially the 2.0 version of the catchy elevator speech–in 15-20 seconds you have the ability to introduce your product visually, highlight  its features and show off its benefits. You’re able to create a connection with potential customers right from the start by forming their emotions towards the app, while enticing them to download and use the app.

Brands gain more credibility when showing their audience what the app can do rather than describing it in words. Witnessing the product in action helps viewers reach a decision faster, making video content cost effective.

In addition, including a video on your app store page will convert more visitors to knowledgeable users; not only will they download the app, they are more likely to use it and know exactly what benefits it offers them.

But video does more than accelerate conversion. Using it wisely will help your brand build a loyal and trusting audience. Here are some advantages video content has over other techniques and how you should use it:

Inspiration tool– video is a powerful motivator that can inspire your audience to take action. Whether your bottom line is to get viewers to start using your fitness app or downloading a photo-editing app, videos need to tell a story that resonates with viewers. Define your audience and your goals before you set out to do this, and remember that in some cases you don’t even have to use voiceover.  

Repurpose content- some marketers are concerned they’ll soon run out of content and while generating new and engaging content on a regular basis is in fact no easy task, video offers the opportunity to repurpose previously published content. Customers won’t feel like they’re receiving the same messages, since video is a visual medium that sparks different emotions than text or images.

Optimized content- video is more visible in an online search, and considering that YouTube is the second biggest online search engine, excluding video content from your marketing strategy can be a costly mistake. You can also maximize video exposure by using popular keywords as video tags.   

Market reach: social media made sharing content across all platforms easy and intuitive. A potential customer viewing a video is more likely to share it than a lengthy article, increasing its potential to become viral.  

Start a conversation- the power of ongoing, transparent conversation as part of a brand’s customer relations strategy is undeniable. Video is a highly engaging form of content and it should be used to communicate anything from the company’s story, to product features, testimonials, discounts, and more.      

Call to action-  what to do you want viewers to do? Are you asking viewers to comment or share the video? Where can they download your app? Determine your bottom line before publishing any videos for better results.

Choose your channel-  video content is flexible in reaching different channels. Consider publishing specific videos on different types of social platforms. Engage current customers with videos embedded in your newsletter, post instructional videos on your company’s blog, and use social media for a mix of promotional and inspirational videos.

Video has emerged as one of the most effective techniques to establish brand awareness and break through the ad clutter users view every day. With a greater potential reach, viral capabilities, and emotional influence, businesses have to include this tool in their marketing efforts to build better customer relationships and maximize brand conversations.


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