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Digital marketing SERVICES

Hello, Hello
20 min. | $0.00

You have 15-20 minutes of my undivided attention. You can pitch me ideas, ask me about what I can do for you more in depth. Talk to me about hockey. ;) You name it. All I ask is be ready for hard questions.

No catch. No upfront pay. Just me for 30 days on my dime. ( You could buy me a fruitshake once in a while )

30 days of me for FREE
(Currently at capacity) 
22 hr. | $0.00

This is by far my favourite service there are multiple levels to this service. There is no one size fits all. Regardless what we decide on I don't just tell you what to do I explain why.

Conquer the Internet - Monthly Retainer
 $3,500 / Mo. Retainer
 $10,000 / Employee training
Group Sessions
5 hr. | $1,800

A workshop or a lecture about anything digital marketing. At any level from beginner to advanced.

Keynote Speaking
1-2 hr. | $2,500

If you need someone to speak at your event about Digital Marketing this is your option. This will be original content targeted to your audience.

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