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Are you ready to conquer the internet?

Conquer the internet
Are you ready?

You probably are if you somehow reached my website. I feel ya. Digital Marketing isn't easy.


It's going to be okay.


I'm here to guide and teach you how to be that digital marketer you are probably looking to hire, or god forbid pay an agency to do the work. ;)


I'm not saying that's a bad route. If you have the money and you don't have the time, definitely do it!

But... If you are like most businesses that are struggling with Digital Marketing and you or an employee has the time to learn how to do it yourselves. We should talk.

Before we start I really want you to watch this vid and/or read the "When you should not contact me" Blurb. It's important. Very Important.

DO NOT contact me, I repeat DO NOT contact me if:


1. You are looking for someone to do the work for you... Yes, I do the research and come up with a winning strategy and training plan but you are going to be implementing it in the end, while I guide you.


I will hold your hand and eventually you will let go on your own. Even after you get on your feet I will always proactively make sure you stay on the right track.

When I learn something new or see something that needs to be improved you will hear from me and we will have a meeting about it.


If and when you have questions you don't need to turn to anyone else.


Think of me as your own personal digital marketing guardian angel.


What I'm not is a marketing agency. The whole point is to make you into the digital marketing expert so you don't have to outsource these services.


Think of me as teaching you how to catch and cook a fish as opposed to just serving it to you. Think of how valuable that is!


2. You aren't willing to do the work. This might seem redundant to the first point and it kind of is but it's important that you understand what you are getting into with me.


If you or the people I will be training in your company aren't ready to commit 100% please stop reading and find somewhere else to get training and consultation.


We are going to waste our time and potentially your money. All my training and guidance means nothing if you aren't going to use it.


3. You want results fast.  To do things right it's impossible to do them quickly. Well, not impossible but this is a learning experience. I am really good at what I do, but you aren't going to have an award-winning, super converting site overnight.

To be as clear as possible. There are shortcuts, but shortcuts work short term, hence the word "short". I do not teach these shortcuts. Yes, I know them, and I have been fixing them on other people websites since 2010. They will affect your website negatively in the long run.


4. Last but not least, we need to fit. I'm not saying we need to be BFFs but we do need to understand each other and that goes both ways. I don't expect you to work with someone that you don't feel is the right fit either. The BFF part will probably just come naturally.


Did I scare you off yet? If not, great! In general, the first month is always fluid. I craft my time with you to best fit the needs of whichever stage you are at in your Digital Marketing journey.


During that first Month, we will have a marketing plan all lined up with a curriculum that is specific to your companies Digital Needs.




Training: $10,000 per employee. A 4-month training course. (Ask me about government grants)


Consulting/Advising: $3,500 Monthly Retainer.


What do you want to do now?

No time like the present.

You are still browsing.

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