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Let's do this!

This will help me understand how I can help you and if you are/aren't ready for someone like me.


There are no right answers except the first 6 text boxes, you better know your name ;).

If you don't have a website I can't really help with this service. I suggest contacting me with a general inquiry here and make a comment about not having a website. I have co workers that can help you with that.


This should take 5 minutes tops. If it takes longer then you are giving me a lot of information and that also great! More is better than less :)


Excited to read your questionnaire!

Are you interested in Training an employee or Consulting services
What platform is you website on?
How old is your business?
What is your biggest challenege in Digital Marketing?
Is there someone in the company that will be dedicated to my training or consulting?
Do you love what you do?
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