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Digital Marketing Group Sessions anyone?

It's always more fun, When you aren't the only one.

Looking for a workshop service or a lecture about Digital Marketing. At any level from beginner to advanced.


Maybe you want to get your non-digital employees to understand what this whole internet thing is all about?

Want to brainstorm and ignite a digital marketing plan with someone that has done it countless times the past 8+ years?


Need an extra player to join a shinny/roller hockey game. (okay that I will do for free and bring the beers).


In this package, you have me for up to 5 hours of what we decide will give your group the most bang for your buck.


Investment: $1800

Time: Up to 5 hours. (Can be split into 2 days.)


What do you want to do now?

No time like the present.

You are still browsing.

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