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Why It’s Time To Invest In A Mobile Sales App

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It’s obvious that salespeople play a critical role in maintaining a successful, lucrative business. Where would we be without these guys hitting the phones day after day, looking for innovative ways to beat out the competition and finally make the sale?

I guess you can say salespeople are the backbone of a business. They’re not frightened by the steep competition and constantly changing sales environment. Rather, they’re determined to find ways to overcome these challenges. How do they do this? By keeping tabs on the latest technology.

That’s where customizable mobile sales apps come in. More and more salespeople are turning to mobile apps to keep their edge and stay ahead of the sales game. According to research conducted by the Aberdeen Group, 23% more business meet their sales quotas when they employ a sales mobility strategy. This is because mobile apps allow for increased productivity and faster sales through real-time collaboration, visual engagement, and easy access.

Increased Productivity

While they might have initially implemented a mobile sales strategy to help out their sales team, business managers soon realize that mobile sales apps can benefit the entire company. This is because organizations dealing with automated orders, inventory, invoice data, etc., are able to more efficiently synchronize their work with back-end systems. You’d be surprised how much more smoothly the system runs when you’ve eliminated human error.

What’s more, sales managers have a streamlined capability of keeping close tabs on their sales reps activity via real-time reports and up-to-date dashboards. In a three-year business value analysis by IDC, experts predicted that organizations that implement mobile solutions can save $316,156 USD for every 100 users equipped with the technology. It might sound too good to be true, but think about it: the sudden boost in sales is a reflection of increased productivity as sales reps begin to focus their time and efforts on making sales rather than getting caught up in mundane tasks.

Faster Sales

While there are a wide variety of forces driving the trend to go mobile, the primary motivators are productivity and time. Mobile sales apps enable sales reps to sell faster and more efficiently by providing on-the-go access to real-time corporate data.

In the world of sales, real-time information is one valuable piece of cargo. This instantaneous information delivery eliminates customer callbacks, and allows them to use data to insert meaningful insights into conversation. This ultimately helps salespeople land more deals and make the most out of each sales call.

Take Escorpion, a high-fashion Spanish brand, for example. Before switching to a more efficient mobile strategy, they were stuck hand writing orders for upscale European retailers. It’d take up to three weeks to finally fax them to the company’s headquarters, where they’d still need to determine which styles and colors were selling and which products needed to be replenished. Fortunately for Escorpion there are mobile sales apps that allow salespeople to partake in cross-selling and instantly see which items are in stock on their personal mobile device. They’re also able to make sales orders instantly by allowing their client to sign for the order right there on the device.

Tell me, does it get any more productive and faster than that? According to the Sales Management Association, 70% of executives in sales organizations are seeing favorable ROI after equipping their sales teams with tablets. In addition, an astounding 90% of surveyed sales organizations plan to increase their investment in tablet sales solutions. How are you fitting into this trend?


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