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The ABCs of Creating Amazing Video Content for Your e-commerce Site

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Videos are no longer limited to the confines Hollywood, as personal mobile videos as well as videos for business purposes are growing at a staggering rate. With the help of major platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, online video content is hotter than ever. Given the social nature of digital output, videos are becoming more interactive–not only in terms of reach, but also in terms of marketing for online businesses. This is especially true when it comes to ecommerce.

The benefit of using video to engage ecommerce customers is indisputable. In fact, according to a study by Animoto, 73 percent of consumers have an increased desire to buy products after viewing a product video which shows the product in action.

So now that you know the power of product videos, consider the following ABCs to maximize its effectiveness for your ecommerce site:

Add action.

To many people, the worst part about online shopping is the fact that you cannot pick up a product, see it with your own eyes, and understand how it works. For this reason, many shoppers understandably have tremendous hesitation about the quality of the products they contemplate purchasing. This is where inspirational video content becomes especially important.

By inserting videos which explain and show step by step how products work in a variety of relevant circumstances, potential customers are able to better comprehend how the product works and how it can help make their lives easier.

But don’t just explain. Videos are all about the show. The action found in product videos as well as inspiring videos add not only entertainment value, but also legitimacy and confidence regarding the product’s value and practicality.

Bridge gaps every step of the way.

As we previously mentioned, product videos are a great way for potential customers to discover more information about products in manner that is easy, fun and entertaining. But to best take advantage of this awesome technology, it’s preferable to place your videos in strategic points throughout the customer journey.

For example, while showing videos on the product page may be an obvious choice, it can also be a great added value to embed inspirational videos onto other pages such as a home page or category page. Inspirational videos serve as a further motivation to purchase a product. By seeing the context of how people use products and advice about how to incorporate them into everyday life, people can become more inclined to give it a whirl.

While there are a variety of ways to add videos to a site, Webyclip’s ability to instantly embed inspirational videos at such strategic points within the customer journey, can help your ecommerce site take video content to the next level.

To figure out which page or pages are most useful for your sales prospects, you have to think long and hard about the experience you want to provide and at which points people may crave more information about your products.

By strategically placing your videos in areas of your site where it’s most convenient for their experience, your customers will be more engaged with your site as well as with the products they wish to buy.

Create an interactive experience.

Like most content, video content is moving in the direction of becoming more interactive.

As some customers tend to be more hands-on than others, providing them with access to the videos at along with an easy call to action can save a lot of time, energy, and complications in the long run. Best of all, it can also add to the overall customer satisfaction which will ensure increased engagement and loyalty for years to come.

By adding interactive elements to your videos such as a direct link to purchase or by displaying similar products below, you give people an opportunity to explore your store and instantly compare products. As a result, your users will be more engaged in your offerings, resulting in increased sales and customer loyalty.

The trend for interactive and experiential video approaches as part of the customer experience extends across various industries, creating a buzz for a growing number of companies’ online presences. As the capabilities of video continue to expand both globally and technologically, using the right kind of video content by considering the ABC’s above will inevitably pay for itself.


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