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I know things about Digital Marketing.

(After all, I am a Digital Marketing Ambassador.)

But I told you that already. You're here because you want to know more about me, and what I can do for you.

I'm a husband and a father. I'm a military veteran with combat experience.

I have a software engineering background but I hate to code. I am more interested in how the world works past the zeros and ones, especially the psychology behind how people think, and how they use the internet. That is one of the reasons I went into digital marketing. You need to have the right mix of art and science to be successful.

I’m exceptional at leading a team. I had to be. I love watching people reach their full potential under my wing, especially those who wouldn't have believed they had it in them.

Most importantly: I help companies reach their highest online potential when they listen.

You might be wondering if I'm right for you. You might be asking yourself why being a veteran matters. It's a great question, so let me tell you a little more about myself.

I always keep a cool head, even under fire. Deadlines and business challenges don't scare me. I have 12-plus years of Digital Marketing experience. I've mastered SEO, SEM, Social Media, Content Marketing, PR, Growth hacking, Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing, and more.


If there is a digital marketing channel, I have used it and mastered it. I'll know about the next best thing before almost anyone else (including your competition). I have helped strategize, mentor, implement and consult as a solo operator, in a team, and as a team leader, with over 350 different companies and startups.

I love what I do and I love teaching these skills to others.

You could be next.

Are you ready to become a digital marketing expert? Let's set up a meeting.

At this point you have a few options:

Are you eligible? find out!

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