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Questionnaire time!

NOTE: I'm currently at capacity and I will not be taking on any new "30 day free" clients until further notice. You can still fill in your information and when I have more time I will reach out.

Not everyone can get this 30 free days service. At least not right away.


You need to qualify. 

To qualify you will need to fill this questionnaire. I will take a look and see if you are eligible. 

Keep in mind this isn't only first come first serve, you need to be ready for my services.

Even if I have reached capacity once a space opens up I will be taking on new clients for this service. So don't give up just yet.

Please answer to the best of your ability. Keep in mind there is no right answer.

The hunger to want to become a Digital Marketing Expert is more important.

What platform is you website on?
How old is your business?
What is your biggest challenege in Digital Marketing?
Is there someone in the company that you can dedicate to the training?
Do you love what you do?
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